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First RP a Success

baaltrist, Oct 6, 11 7:10 PM.
We had our first real RP event and thanks to those involved, Arx Novo was able to rescue a female meta human from the grasps of Viper. Was a lot of fun and showed us what we are capable of. Please use the forums to comment on how it went and to give feedback on what we can improve on.

Primus Data Base Postings

baaltrist, Sep 28, 11 6:15 PM.
We have installed a Forum header un ArxNovo Files for you to post you Primus Database pages. Please utilize this if you can, its very handy for everyone to get a feel for your character.

Ranks and Advancements Available

baaltrist, Sep 20, 11 3:24 PM.
Good news everyone the Ranks and Advancement Forum post is up for review, please check it out and determine what track is best for your toon to take.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

baaltrist, Sep 14, 11 8:00 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Welcome friend, we know that in this world it can be difficult being different, or shall we say special. Often times we find ourselves being outcasts, living from day to day without no where to turn to. But friend let me tell you that you are not alone in this world. So you have abilities, talents, maybe even and appearance that sets you apart from the rest of the populace; or maybe you are not from our world at all. Arx Novo is here for you to find the sanctuary that you need to get on your feet an begin to make a life of your own.

Loosely Translated, and I do mean loosely, Arx Novo mean "Fortress of Change". First and foremost we are a safe place for anyone or any being that has special abilities whether they be supernatural or mutant, psychic or even technological. We are a fortress to anyone with a desire to be a positive impact to the world in which we dwell, and that wants to grow and help others as well.

The Change part comes in when we deal with the more negative aspects of those with special abilities. These unfortunately abound and most use there abilities to take advantage of people on this world and on worlds beyond our own. We work to change this by proactively seeking this negative agents and eliminating them.

If this is something that you feel you should be a part of please join us and find your sanctuary here.



OOc'ly Arx Novo exist to help its member in telling their own personal RP stories, we desire to work together to build plot lines for each other and then eventually merge them into a tapestry of lives in the game. We do this a number of ways first of which is actually actively scheduling individual story events for all members. Once scheduled we use our toons to act in these RP plots. Second we endeavor to make NPC and take turns playing these NPC's in the RP plots of our members.

We also want to help in creating RP plots for all of our members if creatively they run into roadblocks. And don't worry, no one is going to make fun of or degrade your RP plot. Arx Novo is a family of friends gathered to have fun.

Also please remember, that this is a game not a profesion and hence do not take mistakes or other issues and blow them out of proportion. This is a no drama guild and we will not tolerate anyone coming in making trouble and creating drama OCC'ly about things that happen in RP's.

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